Whether it’s a special holiday or just another Shabbat meal, sometimes it’s easier (and more enjoyable!) to get takeout rather than make something from scratch. Here are some of the top Kosher Take-out Buffets for the Sabbath and Holidays in Jerusalem.

Everything from meals catered to your specific dietary needs is available here:


Pasha in Jerusalem is widely known for its delicious kosher take-out buffets that offer a wide variety of flavorsome options. The buffets are very popular among locals and visitors and are often frequented by those looking to enjoy a good meal.

The buffets at this Kosher meat restaurant are part of a team effort that has been specialized to handle the dietary needs of religious individuals looking for quality and delicious food.

The Pasha buffet includes a variety of humble yet flavorsome dishes such as hummus with meat, couscous, potato salad, and more. These selections are sure to leave you satisfied without being too heavy.

From holidays to Shabbat, customers can come and save time while receiving healthy portions they can enjoy at their own pace without worrying. This is because we offer a unique service that allows them to take their time and focus on enjoying their (-meal.

Hadar Mall (- 1 level)

The Hadar Mall (-1 level) has at least one Kosher take-out buffet with all of the classic flavors and delicacies of Middle Eastern cooking. Depending on the season, there may be two  buffets.  Why cook at home when you can bring home cooking home?

Hadar Mall’s convenient location and affordable prices have made it easier than ever to enjoy traditional Jewish holidays.


At Baboosh, Derech Hevron Street, Talpiot, Jerusalem, you can take out delicious and authentic Kosher cuisine without spending hours cooking.  I especially like their homemade mousaka . With everything from traditional roasted meats to vegetarian stews, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So why not try something new this Sabbath and holiday season?

Great food that pays homage to traditional Middle Eastern cooking can be enjoyed in central Israel by Israelis and visitors alike. The dishes are made with the finest ingredients and cooked according to strict Kashrut standards. This allows everyone to enjoy the amazing flavors that come from this type of cooking.

Savta Yemima

Savta Yemima, located in the Jewish quarter, provides an amazing service for those in Jerusalem looking for delicious, Kosher take-out buffets for Sabbath and Holidays. This is perfect for special family events where you want to enjoy good food cooked following Jewish law without worrying about the cooking!

Savta Yemima’s menu offers a range of traditional kosher options and updated healthy and flavorful dishes. Whether you’re looking for a hearty meal or a light snack, Savta Yemima has something for everyone.

They take pride in using only the freshest ingredients available.


ShabbosKodesh, located close in the Old City of Jerusalem, is the perfect solution for individuals or families in Jerusalem looking for an easy way to celebrate Sabbath or holidays. It offers various services that make celebrating the Sabbath and holidays easy and convenient, including delivery of kosher food, prayers, and holiday information.

ShabbosKodesh offers convenient take-out options for kosher meals and provides an online platform where people can order their food in advance. This makes it easier for those looking for kosher fast food options during special times and holidays.

Customers can choose from various traditional and gourmet side dishes at the restaurant, including Jerusalem artichoke soup, knafeh na’ahat, almond chalva, kadaif maztonsim, 3-cheese spinach bourekas, and challah in an assortment of flavors.

It’s easy to please everyone at your table with the vast selections available. You’re sure to find something for everyone with all the different options. Whether you’re looking for a particular dish or just trying to find something new, there’s bound to be something that catches your eye. So go ahead and look around. You might be surprised at what you find.

From the time management comfort of buying prepared food to enjoying freshly cooked dishes with family and friends, ShabbosKodesh.com has created a truly unique experience of delivering high-quality cuisine and culture to Sabbaths and holidays in Jerusalem.