Safrai Fine Art
Jerusalem, Israel

Street Address: King David St 13
Phone Number: 02-625-5884
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Art has always been a global language. “Safrai Fine Art.” is a gem in Jerusalem’s ancient city. This esteemed fine art gallery celebrates Jewish art and current Israeli artists’ diversity and originality. Our excursion through “Safrai Fine Art” in Downtown Jerusalem, Israel, will be captivating.

The Genesis of Safrai Fine Art

Art collector and visionary Moshe Safrai launched “Safrai Fine Art”. Over two decades old, the gallery is a Jerusalem cultural landmark. In a 19th-century building, the gallery’s atmosphere is as charming as its art.

The Gallery’s Mission

“Safrai Fine Art” proves art can unite civilizations, histories, and people. The gallery promotes and preserves Jewish and Israeli art while showcasing modern artists. It encourages everyone to appreciate visual expression by making art accessible.

Exploring the Artistic Treasures

Art from all ages and genres is on display at the gallery. Step inside and enter a realm of unlimited artistic skill.

1. Jewish Art

Safrai Fine Art conserves Jewish heritage via art. Works depict Jewish history, religion, and daily life. The exhibition gives a unique look at Jewish life through complex ketubahs and vivid Chagall lithographs.

2. Israeli Art

The gallery honors Israel’s diversified art scene. Israeli art has evolved from its early pioneers to its modern visionaries. The collection contains paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media works that capture Israel’s soul.

3. Contemporary Art

“Safrai Fine Art” combines the heritage and the future of art. Contemporary artists, both new and established, stimulate originality at the gallery. It fosters artistic innovation and conversation.

The Art of Curation

The gallery is known for its curating. The “Safrai Fine Art” team naturally links history, culture, and art. Each exhibit is designed to tell a story beyond images. Curated exhibitions on themes, artists, or time periods are common at the gallery. Each exhibition, whether about Jerusalem in art or a famous Israeli painter, is a visual trip that creates a lasting impact.

A Cultural Hub

In addition to its beautiful collection, “Safrai Fine Art” is a thriving Jerusalem cultural centre. Cultural events, seminars, and workshops at the gallery bring artists and art lovers together for meaningful discussions. These events build community and improve the city’s culture.

Supporting Emerging Artists

While “Safrai Fine Art” honors known artists, it also promotes new talent. Young painters can exhibit and earn recognition at the gallery. Helping new artists thrive is crucial to Israel’s dynamic art scene.

An Art Buying Experience

“Safrai Fine Art” offers a great art-buying experience as well as viewing. Whether guests are experienced collectors or first-time purchases, the gallery’s staff is always available. They discuss the art, artists, and investment opportunities. The gallery provides art appraisals and helps clients discover the right piece for their collection or house. It’s a gallery and a destination for art lovers and collectors.

Preserving Israel’s Artistic Heritage

Art is crucial to national identity and history. “Safrai Fine Art” actively preserves Israel’s artistic history. The gallery has restored major artworks so future generations can enjoy and learn from them. The gallery also curates national and international exhibitions with museums and institutes to promote Israeli and Jewish art worldwide.


“Safrai Fine Art” in Downtown Jerusalem, Isreal is a cultural refuge that embraces Jewish and Israeli art. It blends tradition and creativity, past and present, and invites everyone to enjoy visual art. Through its doors, you travel through time and culture and meet soul-stirring masterpieces. It shows how art can inspire, connect, and enrich us. A must-see for art lovers and inspiration seekers alike, “Safrai Fine Art” will leave an unforgettable impact on your heart and mind. It’s a light of artistic quality in Jerusalem that invites everyone to experience human creation.