Eats & Drinks

Everyone loves to find the perfect restaurant, street food, or bar. In Jerusalem, you will find a a vast array of places to eat and drink…from high end to hole-in-the-wall. Plus, most places will deliver to you.

– Breakfast: choose from an enormous buffet of cheeses, breads, fish, eggs, juices, and fresh fruit.
– Lunch:  grab a falafel, shwarma, or slice of pizza with fresh fruit juice and kanafi.
– Dinner: relax in a high end meat or dairy restaurant with a fine Israeli wine or craft beer.
– Drink up: try imaginative cocktails or craft beers.

Find a place by location:
Baka, Cinema City, Downtown, Emek Refaim, First Station, French Hill, Har HaZovim, Katamon, Machene Yehuda, Malcha Mall, Mamila, Old City, Talpiot

Find a place by type:
Craft Beers, Kosher high-end meat, Kosher meat, Kosher high-end dairy, Kosher dairy, Kosher street food, Kosher Asian, Kosher Latin, Kosher pizza, Kosher Italian, Kosher French, Craft beer, Kosher Ice Cream, Kosher Bakery, Kosher Bagels, Kosher Dessert Cafe

Helpful restaurant Information

  • Tipping: 15% for good service.  If you pay by credit card, you can tell them to add 15% Service/Tip to your payment
  • Breads
    • pita: round flat bread about 6 inches/15cm in diameter, with a pocket for inserting ingredients like falafel and salad
    • laffa: round flat bread about 12 inches/30 cm in diameter, like a tortilla or wrap
    • halla: bread loaf for Jewish sabbath and holidays, usually braided
  • Falafel: chickpeas ground and spiced, into 1 inch/2.5 cm balls and fried, Served in a pita, laffa, or on a plate with humus
  •  Condiments
    • chips: Israel adopted the British name for French fries, as in Fish & Chips
    • humus: ground chickpeas paste and spices
    • s’huug: spicey hot sauce
    • tehina: ground sesame seeds sauce
  • Meat
    • entrecote: rib-eye steak
    • shish-kebab: ground beef cooked on a skewer
    • shish-lik: cubes of meat, beef or chicken, cooked on a skewer
    • shwarma: layers of meat cooked on vertical spit, then sliced off for serving in a pita, laffa, or plate. Meat can be chicken thighs or veal or lamb.