Top Kosher Latin Restaurants, Downtown Jerusalem

If you want an authentic Latin American experience in Jerusalem, look no further. I recently visited the top Kosher Latin American restaurants in Jerusalem and had an amazing time discovering this region’s amazing dishes and flavors.

Andalucia Cocktail and Tapas Bar
Kosher Meat, Rabbanut Jerusalem

Andalucia has something for everyone, from classic dishes to more exotic creations like ceviche, a popular seafood dish from Peru.

Andalucia Cocktail Bar is one of the newest additions to the Jerusalem Kosher Latin culinary scene. It is located in Kikar Hamusica and offers an exciting mix of tapas and cocktails on three floors.

While not traditionally considered tapas, inside, they prepare dishes like tuna tataki, empanada and fritto misto. The bar also serves up a variety of delicious cocktails featuring fresh ingredients such as lime juice and muddled mint leaves mixed with premium tequilas or rums.

Ze’ev Raban St 2, Jerusalem
Andalucia Cocktail Bar

Argento Empanadas
Kosher Meat, Rabbanut Jerusalem

Argento Empanadas serves authentic Argentinian empanadas, small turnover pies stuffed with various fillings. Here are some examples:

  • Israeli empanada: lamb neck meat, slow cooked, onion, carrot, dates, peanuts and Ras-el-hanut seasoning
  • Classic empanada: veal meat on charcoals, green olives, onion, peppers and a hard-boiled egg
  • Latino empanada: smoked chicken in cherry wood, coriander, lemon onion, charred red peppers and some spicy sauce
  • Smoked vegetable empanada: mushrooms. chard, parsley root, pumpkin, carrot and celery

They also have a picante homemade chimichurri sauce…yum.

In Mahene Yehuda outdoor marketplace.

Argento Empanadas At The Market

Kosher Meat, Rabbanut Jerusalem

One of the best places to find Kosher Latin food is Pepito’s, located across from Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda market. Pepito’s offers a delicious selection of Latin American dishes prepared by the top chef, sure to satisfy any craving.

Pepitos offers delicious street food options to suit every taste preference. The owners, hailing from Columbia and Venezuela, serve up mouthwatering empanadas, arepas – a maize flour bun sandwich – and various meaty deli sandwiches on ciabatta or tortilla bread. Their years of experience in the culinary world have resulted in dishes that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more. So come on down and enjoy a meal at this one-of-a-kind restaurant today!

The restaurant also serves chorizo salad, yucca chips, and classic Cuban mojitos. The Latin music playing in the background adds to the festive atmosphere.

Agripas St 117, Jerusalem

Quesadillas Asencio
Kosher Dairy, Rabbanut Jerusalem

I love eating at Quesadillas Ascencio, a fantastic Kosher dairy Mexican restaurant across the street from the Mahane Yehuda outdoor marketplace (shuk). A quesadilla is a tortilla with cheese and optional other ingredients folded over once. The owners moved from Mexico to Jerusalem. Que bueno!

They offer an array of delicious dishes perfect for vegetarians and dairy-eaters! Their menu features traditional favorites such as enchiladas, tacos and unique specialties like their portobello mushroom quesadilla.

Everything on the menu is prepared using only the freshest local ingredients available. This ensures that each dish is full of flavor and nutrients. When you order from us, you can be confident you’re getting a healthy and delicious meal!

From the classic cheese quesadilla with guacamole to the vegetarian empanadas stuffed with bell pepper, onion, and garlic, they have delicious meals to tantalize taste buds. The bright colors of their spicy sauces make every dish look even more delicious. Plus, large portions mean there’s enough for everyone! So if you want a unique dining experience in Jerusalem, check out Quesadillas Ascencio for a truly unforgettable meal.

They also sell a kilogram of corn tortillas and cheese so you can make my own quesadillas at home like I do.

Agripas St 111, Jerusalem
Quesadillas Ascencio

Tacos Luis
Kosher Meat, Rabbanut Jerusalem

Taco Luis is one prime example of a Kosher Mexican meat restaurant serving delicious Mexican fare in the heart of downtown Jerusalem. The owners moved from Mexico to Jerusalem. Here, guests can enjoy freshly-made corn tortillas with fried fish, beef carnitas, carne asada, and even a shawarma-style turkey al pastor roasted on a spit with spices and pineapple for an extra kick..

The team behind Taco Luis is passionate about authentic Mexican delicious food made to high standards with only top-quality ingredients. From their impressive presentation to the traditional cooking methods, each plate served is full of flavor that will delight any taste bud. There’s something special about finding such incredible Mexican dishes in the holy city—experiencing both new tastes and cultures simultaneously!

Queen Shlomziyon St 11, Jerusalem
Tacos Luis


After trying out some of Jerusalem’s top Kosher Latin restaurants, I can confidently say that the old city has much to offer for delicious and culturally-rich culinary experiences. From Pepitos’ generous portions of classic Mexican pasta dishes to Quesadillas Ascencio’s authentically-prepared street tacos, Tacos Luis’ flavorful variety of tacos and burritos, Andalucia Cocktail and Tapas Bar’s unique Spanish tapas menu, and Mexicani’s traditional Mexican-Jewish fusion dishes – each restaurant gave me a unique glimpse into the vibrant flavors of Latin American cuisine.